Wool Catnip Cat Toy

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Watch your cat attack, wrestle and snuggle with their Wool Catnip Cat Toy. This unique toy appeals to a cats instinctive desire to stalk and capture prey. Designed to excite and offer fun games for your cat, this toy is filled with catnip and will keep them entertained for hours. A fluffy tail and stimulating crinkles will delight offering an added reward, providing your cat with sensory stimulation.

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Cats love to play with toys such as mice so we are introducing you to our cute little wool catnip cat toy for your cat’s entertainment and enjoyment. This lovely toy reduces your cat’s behavioral problems. Whenever your cat behaves untamed or disobedient just give her this catnip toy to play with it. It will immediately turn her bad mood into a joyful mood and keeps your kitty entertained for hours. And this toy will not harm your cat so you can easily give this catnip toy to your little furry friend. And you will love to watch your cat snuggle, attack, and wrestle with this cute toy.

  • A wool catnip cat toy is best for your cat’s entertainment.
  • Fun, Bright, and quirky.
  • Specially designed to excite and offer a fun time to your cat.
  • Make your pet stress free.

High Quality

The quality of our wool catnip cat toy is excellent best quality is one of the main priorities of our product because we build a relationship with our buyers. And we ensure you that your little pet will love to play with this catnip toy and it will become your cat’s favorite toy. Our product’s quality will never disappoint you.

  • This wool catnip toy is made from 100% natural wool.
  • It is strong and vigorous.
  • It is harmless.
  • Each toy is packed full of high-quality catnip.

Encourage sensory play

Activities are very important for your pet if your cat has no activities and looks lazy and sleepy all the time, then this wool catnip cat toy is perfect for enhancing your cat’s playtime. Playtime helps to sharpen their senses it will improve your cat’s physical and psychological health as well. This cute toy enhances the sense of smell of your cat because catnip is the most allure odor. It will also stimulate the sense of touch and sight of your cat.

  • This catnip cat toy is very effective in improving the senses of your cat.
  • Gives pleasure and entertainment to your cat.
  • This toy is perfect for the physical and psychological health of your pet.
  • Enhance your pet’s activities.
  • Builds confidence in your lovely pet.


Color is one of the most important elements of our product, our endearing wool catnip cat toy is available in three lovely colors.

  • Blue, Gray, and Pink.

Product size

Our product is highly recommended to keep your feline friend delighted for hours. This cute wool catnip toy is available in the perfect size.

  • 5 x 7.5 cm
  • Perfect for your pet’s amusement.

Pocket Friendly

Our catnip toy is very affordable you can easily buy this for your lovely cat. This cute toy will not burden your pocket. At a very affordable price, you can give your cat a little happiness and this toy gives your cat a bundle of benefits. Our product brings happiness to you and your pet’s life because we love to serve you.

  • Very affordable
  • Its excellent quality is definitely worth it.

Great Toy: Bright, fun and quirky, this catnip plush cat toy keeps your cat entertained for hours.

Perfect For Catnip: Each toy is packed full of high quality catnip, perfect to keep your furry friend busy and provide them with endless entertainment and fun!

Encourage Sensory Play: This cute toy will help to stimulate your cat’s sense of play through touch, sight and smell.

High-Quality: Made from durable natural wool, its strong and robust.

Product Size

4.5 × 7.5 cm


Blue, Gray, Pink


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