Cat Window Hammock Round


All cats like to enjoy the sunshine and our cat window seat allows your cat to bask in the sun with ease. The Cat Window Hammock not only creates a relatively safe climbing environment for your cat, but also a way to improve its balance, flexibility and muscle growth. It makes the perfect place for your cat to hang out and the plush interior will ensure that they are always comfortable.

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All the cats love to play and also like to hang out or have a peaceful nap in the sun. Cats love their own space they have a special attachment to their place give your little pet their own little space with our round cat hammock. if your cat loves to play or sleep on sunny days then our Cat Window Hammock-Round is perfect for your little loved one so that you can give them a little happiness and a burst of bright sunshine. This amazing hammock ensures that your furry friend gets enough sunshine.

  • Very cozy enjoyable and snuggly
  • Safe and secure
  • The perfect place for your cat to hangout

Transparent Design

Our special transparent cat window Hammock is designed to provide a safe sunbath for your lovely cats. Its round shape design provides your pet with a safe and secure environment where they can easily enjoy the warm and bright sunshine and can have a peaceful nap. And at the same time, it gives your cat more space to enjoy the ravishing scenery outside the window.

  • This hammock design is so comfortable that your cat can easily fit in it.
  • This cat resting seat’s bottom part is transparent.
  • The texture of this cute round hammock is smooth.
  • The outlook of our hammock is glossy and polished.
  • It is very convenient to move it.
  • Its plush interior will ensure that your little one always feels comfortable.

High Quality

Quality is one of our main priorities we never compromise the quality of our product. The perch of this cat hammock is made of excellent quality material. It is very comfy that your cat will fall in love with his/her new space.

  • It is reusable.
  • It can be used for a long period.
  • Reduces anxiety and mournful behavior of your cat.


Our perfect cat window hammock can save space it is hanging and doesn’t take up much space in your home. Your cat can enjoy the beauty of nature and can easily curl in its round cup.

  • its strong and round cup provides safety for your cute cat.
  • It can hold your cat’s weight very easily.
  • The strong suction round cup can stick to the window.
  • The perfect feature of this cat seat avoids hearting your cat’s feats.

Easy to Install

This round cat hammock is super easy to install it will not take much time to install the separate space for your lovely cat. Give your pet a little happiness with this easy-to-install and removable hammock. You can easily and quickly follow the instruction guide to install or remove it in a few minutes without using any tools or you can discuss the installation method with any cat lover. Once it’s installed your cat can enjoy a perfect sunbath bed. Cat Window Hammock Round

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Will not consume much time.
  • Can be directly installed over a clean window.


A selection of colors is very important when buying something for your loved one. One of the best things about our cat hammock is that this cute hammock for your kitties is available in 4 lovely colors.

  • We are available in Blue, coffee, Gray, and Pink.
  • These colors are very ravishing and eye catchy.
  • These gorgeous colors are even easy to suit with your home decoration.


Our plush cat window hammock is more than perfect for your cat’s size. If you are finding a perfect size window hammock for your cat then we are the best place for your desired hammock. size matters a lot because you don’t want your kitty to get uncomfortable while playing or sleeping so it’s very important to pick a perfect size where your furry friend can easily stretch out and fit in it.

  • We are available in the perfect dimension for your cat.
  • 37 x 37 x 24 cm with 4 large suction cups.
  • Strong enough to hold the cat’s weight.


This round cat window hammock is very pocket friendly you can easily buy this little separate place for your kitty. The price of this hammock will not disturb your budget and gives your cat a cute hammock. Our prices are very affordable and the best in the market. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your cat’s window hammock for the cat. Our sale brings happiness and joy to you and your pet’s life.

  • Easy to buy
  • The bundle of benefits and its premium quality are definitely worth it.

Cosy and Practical: An ideal place for your lovely cat to rest, this hammock ensures your pet gets enough sunshine beside the window.

Easy to install: Equipped with powerful suction cups, this hammock can be firmly secured on a smooth surface.

Strong Support: The perfect place for your little ones to rest, our cat hammock supports a maximum load of 15kg.

High-Quality: This hammock helps reduce separation anxiety and keeps messy hair off your furniture. Ideal for multiple cat households!

Dimensions 37 × 37 × 24 cm

Blue, Coffee, Gray, Pink


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