Cat Window Hammock – Rectangle


All cats like to enjoy the sunshine and our cat window seat allows your cat to bask in the sun with ease. The Cat Window Hammock not only creates a relatively safe climbing environment for your cat, but also a way to improve its balance, flexibility and muscle growth. It makes the perfect place for your cat to hang out and the plush interior will ensure that they are always comfortable.

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Cozy and Practical:

All the cats love to play and also like to hang out or have a peaceful nap in the sun. if your cat loves to play or sleep on sunny days then our Cat Window Hammock-Rectangle is perfect for your little loved one so that you can give them a little happiness and a burst of bright sunshine. This amazing hammock ensures that your furry friend gets enough sunshine. 

  • It fulfills the amount of vitamin D required for your cat’s good health.
  • Excellent for bones and muscle growth.
  • Effective against rheumatism due to the abundance of sunshine your cat has from the window.


Our top priority is only quality. Our cat window hammock-Rectangle has premium quality. This hammock helps reduce the anxiety of your lovely cats and turns their mood into extremely jubilant.  Now they behave more tamed. It keeps your furniture and house spotless from messy hair. It is reusable and you can use them again and again. You will fall in love with our quality.

  • Our Cat Window Hammock- Rectangle has super premium quality. Its quality will never disappoint you.
  • The surface is created with the bestest technology and the edges are very secure for your pet

Classy Design: 


Our Cat Window Hammock has a radiant rectangle shape. This hammock has a unique design that enhances the beauty of your house. Our Cat Window hammock rectangle shape is very convenient to move. This shape is specially designed for cat lovers. This rectangle shape has sufficient space in which your cat can have bunch of healthy sun baths and can play and cuddle a lot. Its interior is made up of super comfortable plush fabric. Your cat’s sunny plushy seat provides your cat with a great splendid view of the outdoors while soaking up the warmth of the sun. This window hammock keeps your cats away from indolence and always keeps them active. We assure that you will gonna obsessed with this cat-ear design window hammock. Let your kitty have their own personal space with a cute rectangle shape window hammock.

  • It not only helps in muscle growth but also improves its balance and flexibility.
  • Its rectangle design makes this hammock very unique and attractive.
  • Its plush interior gives your cute cats extremely comfortable naps.
  • Your cat can enjoy a cluster of natural scenes with loads of safety.

Easy to install:

This amazing Cat Window Hammock rectangle shape is a child’s play to install and it will take few minutes to install. It is equipped with powerful space suction cups. This hammock can be firmly secured on a smooth surface. You can quickly and easily follow the instruction guide to install to remove it in a few minutes without using any tools. Once it’s installed your can enjoy relaxing healthy sun baths.

  • Our cat window hammock cat rectangle shape is Effortless to assemble. 
  • It will consume a tiny time to install.
  • This hammock can be directly installed over the clean window.

Impressive colors

A selection of colors is very important when buying something for your loved one. One of the best things about our cat hammock for your lovely cats is available in 4 luminious colors. 

  • We are available in Coffee, Gray, Pink and blue.
  • Our cat window hammock cat-ear shape has a delightful color that enhances the beauty of your house.



This Cat Window  Hammock rectangle shape is more than perfect for your cat’s size. If you are looking for the ideal size window hammock for your lovely cats then allow us to serve you the best hammock for your cats. When it comes to cats size means a lot because you don’t want your kitty to get uncomfortable while playing or sleeping so its very important to pick a perfect size where your furry friend can easily stretch out and fit in it.

  • Our Cat Window Hammock rectangle shapes are available in comfortable dimensions for your lovely cats
  • We are available in highly relaxing sizes 46 x 46 x 6cm
  • strong enough to hold cat’s weight



This Cat Window Hammock rectangle shape is very pocket friendly you can easily buy this little separate space for your kitty. The price of this hammock will not upset your budget and gives your cat a bundle of health benefits and lots of relaxing naps. Our prices are very affordable and the best in the market. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your cat’s window hammock for your cat. We bring happiness and joy to you and your pet’s life.

  • Easy to buy. 
  • Hundred of privileges and its premium quality is definitely worth it.
Dimensions 62 × 32 × 5 cm

Blue, Coffee, Gray, Pink


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