Aluminum Cat Cooling Tray

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Help keep your fur coat wearing feline friend cool and comfortable this summer with this Aluminium Cat Cooling Tray. This cat-shaped napping tray is made from cooling aluminium that helps to reduce their body temperature during the summer months and is just the right size for them to curl up in. It provides a safe, secure and cosy place for your cat to nap and ensures their body temperature is regulated.

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Manage Cats Body Temperature : 

Keep your cat cool and stress-less in this hot and humid weather with our super cool cat shape aluminum cat cooling tray.  One of the best features of this Aluminum cat cooling tray is that it manages the temperature of your cat. Our product is very effective for lowering the body temperature of your lovely cat while lying bare under high temperatures. 

  • This cooling tray is specially designed to protect your furry friend from the extreme summer heat.  
  • The aluminum layers will definitely make your cat feel cool and stress-free. 
  • This cooling tray has the ability to vanish heat quickly and remain cool for long period. 

High Quality:

This amazing cat cooling tray is excellent in quality and is made of pure aluminum. The use of pure aluminum is convenient for fast cooling and makes your cat happy within a few minutes. This aluminum tray is specially made to release all the stress of your beloved pet. The quality of our product will not disappoint you because we never compromise the quality of our products. 

  • It is made of good quality aluminum material. 
  • This cooling tray is completely safe, innocuous, strapping, and durable. 
  • The surface is created with utilized technology and the edges are harmless. 

Stylish shape:

This super stylish aluminum cooling tray is designed in a cat silhouette. This tray makes your cute cat feel safe and comfortable. It also turns her gloomy mood into a fresh and happy mood. Sometimes our pets can not express their feelings which makes them lugubrious in the humid season but you can change their mood with this cool tray. 

  • Super stylish and comfortable for your cute cat. 
  • Its cat-shaped design looks aesthetically satisfying wherever you place it in your home.
  • It is also easy to clean you can clean the tray with a wet cloth or sponge whenever it gets filthy. 
  • This tray comes with a non-slip base so your cat doesn’t fall or slip even while playing excitedly. 

Color :

As we all know colors bring brightness to our lives. Colors play a very important role when choosing something. Colors can change the mood immediately it has the power to convey moods and feelings. Our product can make you and your cat feel instantly jovial. 

  • This beautiful aluminum cat cooling tray is available in two exquisite colors.
  • We are available in gold and silver colors. 
  • These two colors indicate luxury in your home. 

Size : 

As size matters a lot when buying something when it comes to size you should pick a size where your cat can easily stretch out and must have enough space where your cat can have comfortable sleep. So in this situation, you can be sure to find a size where your cat would fit comfortably.  

  • This lovely aluminum cooling tray comes in regular dimensions.
  • 38 x 38 x 7.5 cm. 
  • This dimension allows your cat to easily curl up in it. 
  • The size is enough for a peaceful nap for your cat. 

Easy to Use : 

This aluminum cooling tray is very easy to use it will not consume much space in your home. You can place it anywhere this stunning tray is lightweight and portable. You can easily bring this tray outside along with you. 

  • The splendid cooling tray does not require electricity, water, or a refrigerator. 
  • Easy to wash. 
  • Stainless and odor free.  


This cat cooling tray gives your cat a space to cool down and gives them instant relaxation in hot weather. The best feature of this cooling tray is that it relieves your cat from the heat while keeping your cat comfy all summer. It also makes a tremendous nap and with a good nap, your cat will comfortably and generally feel good. 

  • Best for a peaceful nap.  
  • Best for stretching out or cuddling.


Nowadays everyone wants the best things at lower prices; if you’re finding an affordable but best-quality aluminum cooling tray for your lovely cats then we are the best place for you because your satisfaction is our priority. Its price will not disturb your budget and gives your cat a super easy and comfy cooling tray that turns your cat’s lazy or sad mood into a joyful mood. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your aluminum cat cooling tray for your pet which they can call their own space. We have a sale that brings joy to your pet and you will fall in love with our aluminum cat cooling tray.

  • The price of this cooling tray is very affordable and easy to buy.
  •  It’s a cheap price cooling tray with a bundle of benefits and its premium quality is definitely worth it.
Dimensions 38 × 38 × 7.5 cm

Gold, Silver


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