Reflective Adjustable Dog Harness – Blue

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Our Pets Best reflective denim/mesh dog harness features quick-release buckles and adjustable straps, allowing a snug fit and maximum mobility. Crafted from premium quality denim and mesh materials, our best dog harness is lightweight, breathable, and durable. The stretchy material ensures a comfortable fit without straining your dog’s neck, making it ideal for extended wear.

The breathable air mesh keeps your dog cool and comfortable under pressure. This innovative mesh dog harness is designed to provide a secure and comfortable fit for your furry friend while ensuring maximum visibility with reflective strips during walks in low-light conditions.

With its easy to-use-design, this reflective dog harness is perfect for all dogs of all sizes and breeds. The adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit, while the quick-release buckles make it easy to put on and take off. Our no-pull dog harness is machine washable and available in 5 sizes.

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  • Easy adjustment: The Pets Best Reflective Mesh No Pull Dog Harness features adjustable straps that allow you to create a customized fit.
  • High-quality & durable materials: This tactical dog harness is designed to withstand the toughest conditions, allowing maximum comfort and safety.
  • Soft mesh fabric: The construction of the soft mesh fabric is comfortable and breathable, while the stretchy material ensures a perfect fit for any dog. The vest-style harness also hugs your pet closely, providing extra safety and security.
  • Quick release buckles: This makes putting on and taking off easy so that you can enjoy more outdoor time with your pup.
  • Versatile & stylish: The Pets Best Reflective Dog Harness is perfect for any leash. Its easy-fit design wraps around your dog’s body and snaps securely into place, making it an excellent choice for nervous dogs or those always on the go.
  • Reflective: Keep your furry friend safe at night with this reflective harness – Make sure you and your pet are visible on nighttime walks with this brilliant reflective harness. 
  • Satisfaction warranty: We stand behind all our products at Pets Best with a satisfaction warranty. Please refer to the sizing chart for the perfect fit, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions – our customer care team will be more than happy to help!


        S:   Chest 48-57cm
        M:  Chest 58-69cm
        L:    Chest 70-81cm

        XL:  Chest 82-95cm

        XXL:Chest 96-113cm      

Safe and Strong Harness : 

Our stunning super reflective blue dog harness is perfectly safe for your pet. However, it is stronger than a typical harness lined with a soft texture to protect your beloved dog from getting exasperated. Your pet will feel extremely comfortable while walking or jogging with you. if you love to go on long walks with your beloved dog then our stylish harness is highly recommended for you. this harness is superbly durable and has a robust hard plastic buckle with side release which is safe with heavy-duty stitching. Nevertheless, this adorable equipment ensures safety when it comes to your dog’s security. 

  • Super strong and safe with a soft texture to protect your beloved pet.
  • Extraordinarily comfortable and breathable.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Simple yet stylish. 
  • Quick Release Clasp. 
  • Can be used for a long period. 

Amazing Design: 

Our beautiful blue reflective dog harness has a very adorable design, it is specially designed for the comfort and ease of your furry friend while walking with you. this fashionable harness contains durable plastic buckles that make this harness highly adjustable. Plastic buckles are also easier to use and operate. Its texture feels soft on the skin of your little puppies and dogs and has a good grip on the body. The stitching is very reflective to make your feel dog comfortable and light. 

  • Soft texture to feel breathable.  
  • Designed with a heavy metal black D ring for lead attachment.
  • It has anti-jamming, one key lock socket with an adjustable buckle to avoid friction. 
  • It will fit your pet perfectly. 
  • Ensures that your bosom friend stays elegant and stylish. 
  • The design is very comfortable so that dog will not feel stressed or unbalanced while moving or walking. 
  • The design is very convenient it can be used even in your car with a dog seat belt.
  • Walk together in style. 
  • Good for safety purposes.

High Quality and Material: 

As the best quality and material are our number one priority our fabulous blue harness is made from soft nylon with quick-drying mesh. Some harnesses are very irritated and can cause skin issues for your dog, however, our harness is highly rich in quality and material. Because we care about your beloved dogs and puppies. Our quality will not disappoint you and make your pet extremely comfortable and secure. You should definitely consider our product for the happiness of your little one. 

  • Made from a quick-drying mesh. 
  • The harness is easy to clean. 
  • No harmful chemicals were used during the manufacture. (non-toxic)
  • Premium quality. 
  • Fully non-restrictive. 

Size : 

Size is the most important thing when picking something, you should know your dog’s size, age, and height before making a purchase the most important things are the chest and neck. So you should measure first before buying the product. Keep in mind to fulfill your needs our stylish reflective dog harness is available in perfect sizes for your cute dogs. So have a look at the sizes given below. 

  • S: 41cm-49cm(neck) 41cm-49cm(chest) 
  • M: 47cm-58cm(neck) 47cm-58cm(chest)
  • L: 53cm-62cm(neck) 53cm-62cm(chest)
  • XL: 62cm-76cm(neck) 62cm-76cm(chest) 
  • These perfect sizes can easily fit your dogs and puppies. 


If you are looking for a low-cost but good-quality super reflective dog harness to keep your buddy comfortable and secure then you should consider our super stylish dog harness for your bosom friend. Its features are amazing which makes this reflective harness perfect and considerable for your puppies and dogs. And we ensure you that this harness is not heavy on your pocket. We love to serve you, and our sales bring happiness and joy into your life. 

  • Easy to buy  
  • Low-budget with the best quality
  • A bundle of benefits makes you and your pet live superior. 

L, M, S, XL, XXL

1 review for Reflective Adjustable Dog Harness – Blue

  1. Nancy

    With the bag, this has got to be the ultimate combo in dog walking kit!!

    I have to admit, previous harnesses have actually made my dogs uncomfortable and even hurt them and made them bleed.
    This harness is cushioned with padding and can be adjusted from so many sides, that I can adjust it so it’s a lil loose, but won’t slip off him on our walks. He seems to love it because now he doesn’t run away when he sees that I’m about to put it on him!

    I have a Poochon and I got the small, which was perfect for him!

    I love that it’s also reflective, although I haven’t tried that feature on night walks as yet.

    I got the harness along with the bag which I now don’t understand how I lived without it for so long, before! Lol

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