Multifunctional Dog Treat Bag & Bowl – Blue

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The Pets Best Blue Multifunctional Dog Treat Bag is simple and easy to use with a magnetic opening that provides easy and efficient access to dog treats and snacks. The treat bag has a large capacity meaning that there is plenty of space for a couple of days’ worth of dog’s treats! You can wear the bag in a variety of ways and it can also double up as a foldable bowl. The Treat Bag features storage in the handy front zip closure which is waterproof, perfect for items such as money or keys and is designed with a pull up liner to wipe clean after use.

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If you are a dog lover and love to travel with your dog then our Pets Best Blue Multifunctional Treat Bag and Bowl are perfect for you. this dog treat bag is elegant and easy to use, it has enough space for your dog’s treats and snacks. You can wear the bag in multiple ways and it can double up as a foldable bowl as well. Our product is simple and super comfortable you can take this bag while traveling with your dog.

Perfect product

This multifunctional dog treat bag and bowl is highly recommended to all dog owners. It’s the perfect dog treat bag where you can put your dog’s stuff. This bag is perfect to use on the travelings and adventures. It allows you to feel comfortable and confident while walking with your bosom friend. This easy and portable treat bag ensures that your pet’s snacks and food are fresh, it makes you and your pet live wonderfully.

  • It is suitable for all dogs
  • Perfect bag for your little buddies snakes
  • Feel comfortable and confident
  • Ensures that your pet’s snack remains fresh for a long time
  • Best for traveling’s

Amazing Design

Our dog treat bag and bowl’s design is perfectly unique that can carry your lovely dog’s favorite snacks, toys, and other cute accessories. Its modern design keeps your hands free and gives you a peaceful walk with your four-legged buddy. One of the best features of this bag is it has a handy front zip which is waterproof it is also perfect for your personal items such as money, and keys and is designed with a pull-up liner to wipe clean after use. The design of our product is simple but elegant it is useful for your pet and you as well. You will fall in love with this super comfy treat bag.

  • Simple and graceful design
  • Enough storage for your dog’s accessories
  • Perfect for your personal items as well
  • Waterproof handy front zip
  • You can wear this bag in a variety of ways.

Excellent quality

Our super comfy blue multifunctional dog bag and bowl are made from excellent quality oxford fabric. Our product is durable and long-lasting you can use this bag for a long period. As quality is one of our top priorities. Our main focus is to build a good relationship with our consumers. Our product’s quality will not disappoint you even after washes. It is very easy to use and wash it can make your daily walks and weekend traveling plans more beautiful experience for both of you. you will feel satisfied with our product.

  • High quality using oxford fabric
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to use and washable


Pet bests product has enough capacity to fulfill the need of your pup’s and dog’s food and snacks. It has good space to store a full meal for your best buddy that can even be shared with other fluffy friends too. It has big storage where you can put your things as well. You should consider our Dog Treat Bag and Bowl for long or casual travel.

  • Enough storage for your loved one’s goodies


As the size is one of the most important things when picking something. Our multi-functional treat bag and bowl are available in the perfect size.

  • 12cm*19cm*6cm
  • Adjustable strap 82-135cm


If you are looking for a low-cost but good-quality treat bag to store your lovely dog’s little items then you should definitely consider our super stylish multifunctional treat bag and bowl for your bosom friend. Its features are amazing which makes the bag perfect and considerable for your puppies and dogs. We love to serve you, and our sales bring happiness and joy into your life.

  • Easy to buy Low-budget with the best qualit Suitable for all dogs, this treat bag is perfect to use on the go.
  • The treat bag doubles up as a dog food bag or training bag and features a foldable bowl.
  • There’s multiple ways of wearing, allowing you to feel confident and comfortable while walking your pet.
  • Designed from high-quality oxford fabric that’s durable and long-lasting.
  • Bag size 12cm*19cm*6cm
  • Adjustable strap 82-135cm


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