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Pets Best dog snuffle mat is crafted from high-quality, safe, and durable materials that can withstand even the most enthusiastic sniffers. With its soft, dense fibers and intricate design, our dog treat mat is designed to encourage your pet’s natural foraging instincts, making it an ideal choice for puppies, adult dogs, cats, and even rabbits.

Our dog treat hiding mat is easy to use and clean, simply scatter your pet’s favorite treats throughout the mat and watch as they use their noses and paws to hunt down their rewards. This interactive pet toy provides hours of excitement for your pet, and the dog treat maze also helps promote healthy digestion and mental stimulation.

Pets Best dog snuffle mat is perfect at home, in the car, or even during long-distance travel. Its lightweight, foldable snuffle mat design makes it easy to store and transport, while its non-slip bottom ensures it stays in place during playtime.

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Encourages nose work: Best Pets dog treat puzzle mat encourages pets to use their natural scenting abilities and keep your pup engaged and entertained.

Easy to use and clean: Crafted from soft polar fleece and upcycled materials, this eco-friendly dog snuffle mat is machine-washable and easy to roll up for storage or travel. 

Anti-slip bottom: It features a non-slip bottom to ensure stability during playtime, keeping your pet safe and comfortable. Enjoy hours of interactive play with Fido without worrying about the dog treat mat slipping or sliding.

Fits all dog breeds: Pets Best snuffle mat is generously sized at 65cm x 99cm, providing plenty of space for your pup to sniff out their treats and engage in play. This large dimension allows multiple pets to play together.

Reduces bored behavior: Encourages pets to use their natural scenting abilities, improving intelligence and reducing bored behavior. Pets Best treat mats for puppies will stimulate your pet’s nose and brain, helping them to develop their scenting skills. 

Perfect for slow feeding: With so many places to hide treats, this mat provides a fun and challenging feeding experience. They’ll love finding all the treats hidden in the dog treat rug.

Promotes healthy digestion: Pets Best dog treat puzzle mat can also help slow your dog’s eating speed, promoting better digestion.





is soft and made of eco-friendly material.

  • Designed with anti-slip material
  • Durable and non-toxic
  • Strong and secure mat
  • Suitable for traveling
  • Easy to clean (machine washable)

High Quality

Our product is super safe and comfortable for your pups and dogs and we ensure you that the quality is definitely satisfying. Your bosom friend will love this new toy.

  • Excellent quality
  • Super comfy for your dog

Easy to use

Our dog treats toy mat is extremely easy to use it is a new toy for dogs. If you are using a mat for the first time you need to show your pet how it works. Our toy mat provides your dog with a challenge in a safe environment. If you want to test the ability of your dog and want to give them a challenging task you can hide one treat at a time.

  • Provides challenges to your dog
  • You can easily check their snuffing ability
  • Your dog will enjoy this challenge trying to find treats and food.


Our product is affordable you can easily buy this cute toy mat for your little pups and dogs. It is comfortable and secure to buy your little one his/her new toy. Our product brings cute and happy moments into your beloved pet’s life.

  • Dogs love a good challenge, this mat keeps their brain healthy and helps them to stay in touch with their natural abilities.
  • This training mat provides your dog with a challenge in a safe environment and allows them to earn treats in the process.


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