Detachable Dog Walking Lead with Integrated Pouch


The Pets Best Detachable Dog Walking Lead with Integrated Pouch was created with active dog owners in mind. Providing the ultimate experience when running, jogging, walking, or hiking with your dog, the lead offers unique features that every dog owner will appreciate including a detachable plug-in handle that can be used to secure your pet in a safe place and a fixed garbage bag to store your rubbish. Easy to adjust for different lead lengths, it is perfect for road and country walking and even running!

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Our stunning and perfect detachable dog walking lead with an integrated pouch is perfect for active dog lovers. Our product is very useful when running, walking, jogging or hiking with your dog. Every dog owner should buy this for the safety of their beloved dogs. This product is fully secure and safe for your pet.

  • Safe and secure for your best friend
  • Perfect for walking, jogging, running, or hiking
  • Best for the energetic dog lovers

High Quality

Quality is one of our top list priorities when it comes to quality we want to give you a product that is rich in quality. Our detachable dog walking lead is crafted from high-quality material that is durable and robust. It is highly recommended for daily use.

  • High-quality material
  • Self-locking leash


Color is the most important thing when you choose something for your loved one. We care about your choices keeping in mind we are available in three gorgeous colors.

  • Blue, Grey, and Pink


You can easily tie its leash to a tree or a bench or any other strong thing. It is completely safe and secure.

  • Keep in mind we are available in 150cm* 2cm lengths.
  • The length is perfect for walking and running
  • Made with a unique detachable plug-in handle and fixed garbage bag, it’s easy to use and conveniently designed.
  • Crafted from high-quality material that’s robust and durable, perfect for daily usage.
  • The perfect accessory to ensure your pet stays safe, you can easily secure them with the detachable handle.
  • The lead offers a comfortable, bounce-free, load-dispersing design that’s suitable for yourself and your pet.
  • 150cm*2cm



Blue, Grey, Pink


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