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About Pet Best

Pets Best is an online pet shop offering high-quality, safe, and healthy products to dog and cat owners in Australia. We sell unique, fancy, and functional pet products that will keep your loyal companions smiling, happy, and healthy. From beds for cozy night sleep, hair clips and ties for parties, and cute items for feeding or grooming your pets, you can shop with us with the confidence that you are getting the quality products that you can trust.

At Pets Best, we have a passion for dogs and cats. We go the extra mile to enrich our furry friends by bringing them products that support their care and overall wellness. We pride ourselves on offering unique, quality pet products that you won’t find elsewhere in the Australian pet market. Pets Best is more than just selling pet products; we love pets and do everything to help pet owners get items they need to care for their beloved companions. 


Our Commitments
To Pet Owners

The Pets Best family is committed to the safety, health, and happiness of your pets. We are all about building trust with our customers and giving them peace of mind. We recognize how our decisions can impact the wellness of your dogs and cats, so we carefully consider each product for safety and functionality before bringing them to you.
We promise to provide the best consumer value and unparalleled level of customer service in the pet market. To continue to prove our commitments to you, we empower our team to maintain ethical standards and uphold our core values.

How it Started

Our founder, name, established Pets Bests to bridge the gap he discovered in the pet industry some years ago. As a pet owner surrounded by friends and family who own cats and dogs, name found out that there is a limited amount of quality pet lifestyle products in the market. He and other pet owners often have to make do with the limited options in the local pet market or pay through their nose to get the items they need.

Having a strong belief that his dogs and cats deserve better, quality, unique, and stylish products, he set out to find and supply the best quality of pet items to owners and lovers of pets. Today, he is happy that he is helping Aussie pets get a better quality of products at highly competitive prices and solving a significant problem for those who want to show their profound love for their pets. 

We are happy that you are here. Start shopping our stylish, safe, functional, and quality products now.

Why Choose Us

Unique Pets Products You Can’t Find Elsewhere

We stock the highest quality of unique and stylish products you won’t find elsewhere in the Australian pet market. We source our products from suppliers worldwide who have genuine compassion for pets and offer healthy and safe items for our beloved friends.

Excellent Customer Service

Our customer support services and shopping experience are second to none. Our friendly and professional pet lovers team is always happy to answer your question and help you resolve any issues you may have.

Competitive Price

We buy directly from manufacturers or their leading suppliers to make sure our customers get the best deals. We are confident that each item in our store is competitively priced. At Pets Best, we help our clients save more money on the pets’ products they get in our store by buying in bulk from suppliers, getting huge discounts, and passing the savings to them.

Free Expert Advice

We offer our customers FREE expert advice on how to care for their dogs and cats. We want you to give your loyal companions the best life, so we are always on hand to provide you with valuable grooming, nutrition, and wellness tips for pets.


Service Descriptions

We sell unique, chic, and quality pet products like dogs and cats beds, harnesses, necklaces, hair clips, toys, ties, bows, hammocks, cat scratchers, and more. We are bringing these cute products to your doorstep so you can start treating your dog with all the love and care they deserve, without being limited to the boring and low-quality pet products available in the market. At Pets Bests, we work round the clock to find and bring you products that will deepen the pet-pet parent bond.

Before any pet products are listed in our store, our team double-checks their safety, quality, and performance through our strict quality assurance process. We are a family-owned online pet store with a conscience, and our eyes are constantly towards the happiness, well-being, and safety of your pets. What’s more, we are continually investing money and making efforts to bring you the trendiest and newest pet products.

Start shopping our chic pet products now!

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